Working with Children Checks

The majority of states/territories in Australia have now introduced mandatory legislation requiring anyone who works or volunteers in connection with motorcycling activities which involved children under the age of 18 must apply for a Working With Children (WWC) Check on their criminal record.  Anyone who has a conviction for a relevant criminal offence (sex, drug and violent offences) will be prohibited from working with children.

Basically, the laws are designed to help keep children safe.  As such anyone who is working with children has to have the check if they have or are likely to have individual and/or unsupervised contact with children.  The requirement for the check applies to all levels of motorcycling activity where there are minors involved, from coaching and training through to ride days and competition.  This will include coaches, team managers and promoters and will also include officials and coaches.

The checks were required by 30 June 2010. So people involved in motorcycling activity who have not already undergone a check under their State Controlling Body need to make sure they have complied with their obligations.

All Committee/Board members are also required to be screened, whether or not they have individual and unsupervised contact with children. Persons under 18 may not be required to be screened

The Working with Children Act creates offences carrying very high penalties for non-compliance and those offences apply not just to the persons working with the children but to their supervisors, organisations employing them and Committee/Board members of organisation in which the people work with children.

Unfortunately there is not a national screening system or national standard regarding police checks and clearances.  Each state/territory has its own legislation and it is necessary to fulfil the requirements in each State or Territory in which you are working.  Please refer to the table below for details. 

Motorcycling Australia has introduced a Statutory Declaration to be completed by each person required to undergo a Working with Children Check. This declaration covers a variety of matters outside the Working with Children Checks and should be used for activities connected directly with Motorcycling Australia.

This must be completed each year. If a person cannot truthfully sign the declaration, that person should write to the Member Protection Tribunal in confidence setting out the reason why the declaration cannot be truthfully made. A decision will then be made on whether the person should be working with children.

A copy of the declaration can be found on page 267 of the 2010 Manual of Motorcycle Sport.

Applying for Working with Children Checks is relatively easy - Application Forms are available from your State Controlling Body.



Governing Body



Produce original, current national police certificate to MA initially and then every three years

ACT Police Department


Provide current WWC check  employee ID number to MA  initially and then produce an original current National Police Certificate to Motorcycling Australia every three years (or an updated WWC check is required where a person is being employed for periods o less than 6 months and returning for short periods throughout at 12 month period- only need to be checked once every 12 months).

NSW Commission for Children & Young People


Provide a valid clearance notice issued by the SAFE NT Screening Authority to MA initially then every two years.

NT Police, Fire & Emergency Services


Provide current blue card authorisation number to MA initially and then every years.

Commission for Children & Young People & Child Guardian


Produce original, current national police certificate to MA initially and then every three years

SA Department for Families and Communities


Produce original, current national police certificate to MA initially and then every three years

Commissioner for Children


Produce current WWC check authorisation number to MA initially and then every five years

Department of Justice


Produce current WWC check authorisation number to MA  initially and then every three years

Working with Children Check

All information was gathered from the respective state/territory working with children check website or equivalent and was correct at time of printing.  Please note this information is subject to changes and it is the responsibility of the official, volunteer and/or coach to ensure that they comply with current legislative requirements.

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