Epic finish for Hall and Sanders at AORC
July 23, 2016

Daniel Sanders, first in the Cross Country - Image John Hamilton/Mad Dog Images

Hall and Sanders have claimed their first Cross Country race wins this season in what were some treacherous conditions at round seven of the 2016 Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship today at Hedley.

Conditions out on track today were less than perfect as the Women’s and Masters were first up after the Juniors to put their bikes through the paces in what was beyond a muddy and wet track.
After only one hour in to the race it looked as though Jemma Wilson had cemented her fate leading ahead of a hard fighting Jessica Gardiner and Sophie Coldicutt .
However, the continued deteriorating conditions and sporadic showers throughout the remainder of the race wreaked havoc on positions, which significantly changed with the showing of the last lap board.
Tegan Hall shined out in front as she worked hard to take on Jemma Wilson and was successful wrapping up the race in first position, finishing with a final overall time of 2:02:49.095.
Sophie Coldicutt (2:03:27.270) also making pace in the last lap finished strong in second with Wilson (2:03:42.664) close behind in third after what was a brilliant race to the finish.
Masters competitor Derek Grundy was able to pinch top spot as they came into the concluding corners of the race to cross the finish line in first (2:11:24.434), while Peter Schaper (2:19:37.133) finished just behind in second and Wayne Vandenburg (2:19:51.767) rounded out the day in third.
As the last race of the day competitors of E1, E2, E3, Transmoto EJ and Veterans lined their machines on the start line ready to race!
KTM Enduro Racing Teams' Tye Simmonds (E2) managed to steal the lead from the remainder of the pack as Lyndon Snodgrass (E3) moved into a comfortable second and ex Motocross racers Jack Simpson (E1) sat in third after only one lap.
Spectators were kept entertained as the boys dipped, dived and scurried through the sand and the mud as rain and hail continued to fall heavily throughout eight lap race.
By the half way mark in the race it was KTM Enduro Racing Teams' Daniel Sanders (E3) who plummeted to the lead hungry not to let team mate Simmonds through, but Simmonds in second was determined not to finish without a fight to the flag.
With positions remaining unchanged for the remainder of the race it was Sanders (2:45:54.863) who bought it home fighting through the cold, hail, rain and copious amounts of mud lengthening his overall lead in the championship.
Simmonds who started strong was unable to beat the pace of Sanders who looked to be unstoppable concluding in a comfortable second with a time of 2:48:15.472.
Snodgrass concluded the race all smiles wrapping up the final podium position in third with a time of 2:51:54.437 just off the pace of his fellow competitors.
Motul Pirelli Sherco Factory Teams' Wil Ruprecht (3:01:59.077) was victorious in the Transmoto EJ class, also fighting the tough conditions at Hedley today, while Damien Smith proved he deserved his first place finish in the Vets class with a concluding time of 2:56:02.869.
After a successful day here at Hedley in Victoria competitors and Teams will now rest tonight and prepare for round eight which will see the course transformed into a sprint layout for the 2016 Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship.

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For a link to the individual results by class from Round 7 of the Yamaha AORC today head to the MyLaps website here.
Overall results for E1, E2, E3, Transmoto EJ and Veterans:

  1. Daniel Sanders (E3) 2:45:54.863
  2. Tye Simmonds (E2) 2:48:15.472
  3. Lyndon Snodgrass (E3) 2:51:54.437
  4. Jack Simpson (E1) 2:52:15.340
  5. Riley Graham (E1) 2:55:26.892
  6. Tom McCormack (E3) 2:56:15.982
  7. Callan May (E1) 2:57:19.152
  8. Broc Grabham (E2) 2:57:42.613
  9. Lachlan Stanford (E3) 2:59:55.138
  10. Glenn Kearney (E1) 3:00:33.690

Overall results for Women’s:

  1. Tegan Hall 2:02:49.095
  2. Sophie Coldicutt 2:03:27.270
  3. Jemma Wilson 2:04:42.664
  4. Jessica Gardiner 2:07:25.946
  5. Emelie Karlsson 2:12:17.056
  6. Madison Bird 2:05:00.006
  7. Kate Norman 2:18:02.719
  8. Niki Bedford 1:56:07.374
  9. Irene Vasilas 2:20:06.016

Overall Results for Masters:

  1. Derek Grundy 2:11:24.434
  2. Peter Schaper 2:19:37.133
  3. Wayne Vandenberg 2:19:51.767
  4. Ken Burt 2:20:28.075
  5. Andrew Cais 2:20:49.885
  6. Dean Shaw 2:23:27.643
  7. stephen mason 2:26:26.930
  8. David Salt 2:30:20.518
  9. Anthony Patterson 2:01:51.612
  10. Joe Ondrus 2:02:03.293

*All results are provisional

Image - John Hamilton/Mad Dog Images

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