Motorcycling WA gears up for action packed the 2017 Elite Jet Camp
April 07, 2017

Sponsors Announced-Elite Training Camp-Woodman Point Recreation Centre

Motorcycling WA's Elite JET Camp, a fully subsidised program by Motorcycling Western Australia for selected participants, kicks off this Monday, April 10th at  Woodman Point Recreation Centre and is aimed at Western Australia’s top riders. JET Camp is  an amazing opportunity for competitors from all disciplines age 13-18 years old from across the state.

This year we have a fantastic line up of presenters and sponsors to give participants their best expert off-the-bike advice and support. Mark Gill from Leading Edge Motorsport is a Level 2 coach and will be facilitating the JET Camp once again alongside National Motocross Champion and Privateer Daniel Banks.

Some of the new activities for 2017 will be Cross Training with Bruce MacFie, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Flying Fox and a day trip to WAIS.

Mark and Daniel will lead also participants in learning what it takes to go from being a talented rider to a champion rider.  JET camp participants will learn the essential skills of Fitness and Cross Training, Diet and Nutrition, Psychological Preparation, Preparing a Pathway to Success, Sponsorship and Dealing with Sponsors. Supporting and team building activities are all done with a competitive flavour! Fitness Assessments including a Shuttle Test as used in the AIS Camps will provide a bench mark for participants for further improvement and in setting their own fitness and exercise programs.

ASBK Champion and WSBK competitor Bryan Staring will be assisting Mark and Daniel facilitating seminars on Pathway to Success, Dealing with Sponsors, Travelling Tips and Preparing for Competition. Bryan comes with a long list of success on and off the track, and this is a unique opportunity to learn from someone who has ‘been there, done that’.

Motorcycling WA’s Media Officer, Linda Russell and Training Officer Janine Wragg will also be participating and on hand during the camp to assist coaches and provide further guidance. Both Linda and Janine have a vast amount of experience dealing with sponsors, media, event co-ordinating and social media.

Each year JET Camp grows and expands and for 2017 we expanded our sponsorship of the JET Camp program to help ramp up the healthy competition between the participants in each of the daily challenges. With this in mind it was important MWA partnered with the right fit sponsors to ensure the success of the JET Camp program.

MWA could not have partnered with more appropriate brands that not only continually support our sport but also convey the ethos and culture of JET Camp, we are delighted to reveal such a diverse range of sponsors and we can't thank them enough for supporting this fantastic opportunity for Junior development within the sport of Motorcycling. 

The Sponsors for the 2017 JET Camp are:

Motorcycling Western Australia

Banhams WA

Strickland Race Development 

Westeffex Graphics

Bunbury KTM Suzuki


Five Star Yamaha

Planet Honda

Fabry Films 

19 year old filmmaker from Australia.

YouTube: www.youtubecom/fabryfilms




J-Mac Media

BNB Beverage Company




Leading Edge Motorcycle Sport 

J9 Sport Management 

The Presenters/Coaches the 2017 MWA Junior Elite Rider Training Camp are as follows:

Mark Gill – Head Coach

Daniel Banks – Assistant Coach 

Boris Kazakov – Diet Biz – Nutrition

Adrian Schonfeld – WAIS – Sports Psychologist

Peter Strickland – Yamaha Australia Team Manager – "What it takes to Succeed in a Team"

Graeme Sinden – Finance and Industry Challenges – "Managing your Money"

Richard Suter – Life Coach – "Road To Success"

Bruce MacFie  - World Kick Boxing Champion-"Practical Session on Cross Training, Fitness and Muay Thai"

Jarrod Maclean – Commentator – "Media and Public Presention"

Bryan Staring –World Super Bike Competitor and Australian Super Bike Champion-"How to Become a Champion"

Linda Russell - MWA's Media and Sponsorship Officer

Janine Wragg - MWA's Development and Training Officer

Motorcycling WA's Junior Elite Rider Training Camp’s new date and Southern location will also provide the opportunity for participants to develop their new found skills throughout the 2017 season.

JET Participants for 2017 are:
Tahlia O'hare  
Harrison Slot   
Scott Topping  
Bevan Barnett 
Adam Haines
Elise Beattie   
Avril Gill   
Jessica Byas 
Lawson Harper   
Jack Court   
Callum O'Brien   
Lewis Moloney  
Chloe Cooper  
Christopher Bogdan  
Kyle Elliot   
Blake Jendrzejak   
To view a video of what JET is all about click on this link

This year's Motorcycling Western Australia Junior Elite Training Camp 2017 is just around the corner, starting on Monday 10th April With a great line up of presenters, mentors and a fully packed training schedule. The 17 Elite Junior riders will be tested to their outer limits and given a wealth of knowledge to excel within their racing careers! We can't wait, we hope you can't either!


Words and Photos from Motorcycling Western Australia

Linda Russell

Media and Marketing Officer-Motorcycling Western Australia

0419 928 440

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