October 04, 2017

Information Bulletin #1639

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MA coach accreditation levels for assessing a Supercross competitor for a licence endorsement.
Current Rule in the 2017 Manual of Motorcycle Sport:
12.9.1 Supercross Licence Conditions To be endorsed as a Supercross competitor, a person must:
a) Use a solo Motocross-type machine with a capacity of at least 80cc,
c) Attend a Supercross training school conducted by an MA accredited coach,                                                                                                                                      Clarification:
It has been brought to our attention that some State Controlling Bodies, Coaches and Competitors are unsure of the accreditation and competency requirements that must be held by a coach to conduct a Supercross training school and assess a rider for Supercross licence endorsement.
The current rule states two items (Supercross training school and MA accredited coach) that must be present to assess a competitor for Supercross competency.

  1. The only way that a competitor may be assessed for a Supercross licence endorsement is by participating in a permitted Supercross training school.
  2. A “Supercross Training School” must be a legitimate MA or SCB permitted coaching event held at a suitable Supercross venue.
  3. The “School” must provide instruction, the opportunity to practice skills, offer feedback and evaluation of riders with the aim of individuals achieving Supercross endorsement.
  4. The permit number of the Supercross Training school will be recorded against an individual’s application for Supercross endorsement
  5. The current regulations do not require a Coach to be Level 2 or hold additional Supercross Coaching endorsement to conduct Supercross Training schools.
  6. A current MA accredited Level 1 or Level 2 coach* may apply for a permit from a Relevant Controlling Body** to conduct a Supercross training school providing he/she:
    1. Has the proven requisite skills to conduct a Supercross training school,
    2. Ensures the quality, standards and structure of the school complies to MA’s coaching methodology,
    3. Adheres to the principles and regulations taught and agreed to, within their coaching accreditation training,
    4. Has the accountability to sign off on the competencies of individuals participating in the school. 

*A Level O coach cannot conduct a SX training school or “sign off” on an SX endorsement as they are restricted to conducting “KickStart” coaching only.
** Before issuing a permit, the RCB, must make the assessment of whether the Coach is suitably skilled to run a Supercross training school.
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