Moto3/125GP Statement from Motorcycling Australia
November 08, 2017

As stated in the bulletin #1642, due to decreasing numbers in entries of the Moto3 class, and that the growth of the class has been too slow for it to be considered viable as an Australian championship class.

Stakeholders (entrants/competitors) affected by the removal of Australian championship status for Moto3/125GP, now have an opportunity to approach clubs to form a semi national, state or inter club Moto3/250 GP Mono/125GP cup class to be combined with existing race meetings. All efforts should be made to ensure all Moto3, 250 GP Mono and 125GP machines are included and racing at the same events and at the same time. Once this has proven successful, stakeholders then have an opportunity to approach MA to request the championship status of these classes be revisited.

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