Information Bulletin #1846
February 13, 2018

Affected Discipline: Road Race

Rule Pertains to:

The use of aftermarket subframes

Current Rule in the 2018 Manual of Motorcycle Sport:

Currently it is prohibited to replace the subframes as no rule exists in the Manual of Motorcycle Sport allowing for their replacement.

New Rule after Change:

9.17 Frames and Parts Unless prohibited by individual class rules, the use of aftermarket hardware is permitted for the following purposes.

f) Subframes can be replaced with commercially available aftermarket replacements which are manufactured of the same material, and that allow for all components to be located within same area as OEM.

Relocation of any component originally housed within the subframe is prohibited.


OEM replacement subframes can be very expensive for a component that can be easily damaged during a crash. There is no advantage to be gained from using aftermarket subframes that fit the above specifications, and this change serves only to bring down the cost of racing.

Rule change effective from: Immediately

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