RULE CLARIFICATION Information Bulletin #1848
March 05, 2018

Affected Discipline: Superbike, Supersport 600, Superstock 1000 & Supersport 300 (R3 Cup ASBK)

Information Pertains to: 

Rules; Sec j), Sec h), Sec n) & Sec b). 

Additional functions of plug in fuel injection/ignition control units.

The intent of this rule is to allow for the adjustment of fuel mapping and ignition timing only.

The electronic gear shifter function is permitted as per the 2018 MoMS for the following classes; Superbike, Supersport 600, and Superstock 1000 only.

It is prohibited to use the electronic gear shifter function in Supersport 300 and R3 Cup at any time. Any additional functions that plug-in fuel injection/ignition control units are capable of are prohibited for use during qualifying or racing.

Auto Tune is permitted during practise only. Manual adjustment of fuel mapping and ignition timing is permitted between qualifying and race sessions.

Units that are capable of being removed must be removed prior to qualifying commencing.

Units that have these functions built in must have any additional functions unplugged and inoperative prior to qualifying commencing.

Any competitor found to have the unit still on the machine or plugged in and operative will have the matter referred to the Clerk of Course for further action.

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