NSW take out day 2 at Yamaha A4DE
April 05, 2018

The New South Wales (NSW) Senior Trophy team have taken out day two of the Yamaha Australian Four Day Enduro on their home turf, bouncing back after a narrow defeat on day one to Victoria. In better news for Victoria, their Junior Trophy team has taken out day two, whilst in the Ladies Trophy NSW made it two from two after cruising to victory today as Cessnock.

The teams were faced with warm conditions as well as dusty and rough conditions throughout the nine tests on day two.  Travelling up to 150kms over the day, Teams were pushed to their limits in pursuit of great times on day two.

Senior Trophy
Josh Green, Brad Hardaker, Broc Grabham, Scott Keegan, Micheal Driscoll and Stefan Granquist combined to bring home the day two victory stopping the clock at 4:12:55. After a narrow loss on day one NSW bounced back and showed great determination over the course of day two, to grab victory on their home turf. Queensland improved on their third place on day one, grabbing second place on a dusty hard-fought day, Lachie Stanford, Luke Styke, Kane Hall, Cameron Vinsteasd, Thomas Jenner and Christian Springer registered a 4:23:43. Victoria had to settle for third after an impressive win on day one, Alex Bolton,Tom Mason, Daniel Milner, Daniel Sanders, Jack Simpson and Lyndon Snodgrass combined for 5:27:35. A mechanical issue for Snodgrass really hampered Victoria’s day two progress.

Day 2 A4DE Senior Team Trophy Provisional Results

  1. NSW – 4:12:55
  2. QLD – 4:23:43
  3. VIC – 5:27:35
  4. WA – 7:37:08
  5. SA – 9:22:43

Junior Trophy
Stuart Holt, Jessie Lawton, Trent Tucci and Andrew Wilksch took out day 2 of the A4DE, working together to finish with a time of 2:58:33. The Victorian team improved immensely from day one after picking up fourth place and turning that into a win on day two. The Australian Capital Territory Team (ACT) took out day one, but had to settle for second with Jacob Peacock, Corey Hammond, Chris Papas and Jack Heffernan stopping the clock at 3:03:26. Western Australia rounded out the podium in the Junior Trophy with Brock Buckingham, Nathan Howe, Jamie Makin and Max Vlasich combining for 3:10:37.

Day 2 A4DE Junior Team Trophy Provisional Results

  1. VIC – 2:58:33
  2. ACT -  3:03:26
  3. WA – 3:10:37
  4. NSW – 3:16:19
  5. QLD – 4:43:11

Ladies Trophy
NSW have made it two from two in the Ladies Trophy, after backing up their day one win with another here on day two. Jessica Gardiner and Emelie Karlsson combined to stop the clock at 1:35:55. Queensland’s Tamara Gray and Jemma Wilson would have to settle for second place after recording a time of 1:41:38 on day two and rounding out the podium was ACT after Courtney Rubie and Julie Denyer stopped the clock at 1:57:59.

Day 2 A4DE Ladies Trophy Provisional Results

  1. NSW – 1:35:55
  2. QLD – 1:41:38
  3. ACT – 1:57:59
  4. VIC – 3:45:11
  5. WA – 5:28:09

Combined Times
A4DE Senior Trophy Combined Provisional Results

  1. NSW – 07:54:44.424
  2. QLD – 08:14:06.497
  3. VIC – 09:05:24.639
  4. SA – 13:48:19.144
  5. WA – 14:11:50.281

A4DE Junior Trophy Combined Provisional Results

  1. ACT – 05:39:58.461
  2. VIC – 05:40:51.367
  3. NSW – 05:47:04.189
  4. WA – 05:55:34.675
  5. QLD – 07:16:50.489

A4DE Ladies Trophy Combined Provisional Results

  1. NSW – 02:58:44.006
  2. QLD – 03:12:44.553
  3. ACT – 03:47:46.956
  4. VIC – 05:34:45.424
  5. WA - 09:41:49.053

The action continues with day three tomorrow from 7:30am with the riders facing 165km of tough trials and five timed tests, to keep up with all the happenings at the 2018 Yamaha Australian Four Day Enduro by visiting the A4DE websiteor by following the A4DE on Facebook and Instagram.

Photos courtesy of John Pearson Media

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