General Competition Rules (GCR's)

All motorcycle competition in Australia is conducted according to the General Competition Rules (GCRs), which are contained in the Manual of Motorcycle Sport. 

The GCRs contain the rules and guidelines for participating in and conducting Motorcycle Sport, and are designed to ensure fair and safe competition for all involved.

The Manual of Motorcycle Sport is an annual publication which contains both the GCRs as well as other relevant information on motorcycle sport.

Note: Rules can be added, changed or deleted from one year to the next, before they appear in the next edition of the Manual of Motorcycle Sport, so please ensure you use this section of the website to stay up-to-date with the latest rules.

For more information about MA's policies on alcohol, anti-doping and drugs, please click here.

2016 Manual of Motorcycle Sport

Download the full 2016 Manual of Motorcycle Sport here:

2016 Manual of Motorcycle Sport


For Individual Chapters, select from the following:

Chapter 1 - Jurisdiction

Chapter 2 - Administration

Chapter 3 - Licensing

Chapter 4 - Competitions

Chapter 5 - Alternative Forms of Competition

Chapter 6 - Recreational Motorcycle Activity

Chapter 7 - Offences, Protests and Appeals

Chapter 8 - Judicial Committee Guidelines

Chapter 9 - National Personal Accident Insurance

Chapter 10 - Road Race

Chapter 11 - Historic Road Race

Chapter 12 - Motocross & Supercross

Chapter 13- Classic Motocross & Classic Dirt Track

Chapter 14 - Enduro & Reliability Trials

Chapter 15 - ATV

Chapter 16 - Speedway

Chapter 17 - Dirt Track

Chapter 18 - Track

Chapter 19 - Supermoto

Chapter 20 - Trial

Chapter 21 - Minikhana

Chapter 22 - Member Protection Policy

Appendix A Protective Clothing and Helmets

Appendix B Flags & Signals

Appendix C Model Supp Regs

Appendix D Compulsory Riders Briefing

Appendix E Trackside Officials Induction


Amendment Bulletins 2016
The following link contains the rule changes and amendments to the 2016 Manual of Motorcycle Sport:

2016 Amendments Bulletin


2015 Manual of Motorcycle Sport

Download the full 2015 Manual of Motorcycle Sport here:

2015 Manual of Motorcycle Sport

Amendments Bulletin 2015
The following document outlines rule changes and amendments to the 2015 Manual of Motorcycle Sport in the period from 1 January 2015:

Download 2015 Amendments Bulletin_updated 22 January 2015




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