Motorcycling Australia is committed to the environment through development and promotion of an environmental program which is committed to incorporating principles of sustainability in motorcycle sport within Australia. 

Motorcycling Australia officially launched its Environmental Sustainability Policy as well as a National Environmental Code and Management Plan on 5 June 2008.

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FIM Charter of Good Practice

  1. Limit sound level of the public address system to 83 DBA during breaks when measured in the public areas and always conform to local legislation.
  2. Reduce as much as possible the sound level impact of the event on the public environment by the use of earth banks, plantations and fences.
  3. Protect the ground by using environmental mats, or other efficient systems, where servicing of machines is permitted by the organiser.
  4. Provide containers to collect waste oil, fuel and all other polluting materials (filters and rags) and make arrangements for the collection and disposal of all solid and liquid waste in accordance with local legislation.
  5. Provide sanitary facilities for the participants and the public in accordance with FIM regulations and Appendix A of the FIM Environmental Code.
  6. Provide and manage car parks forbidding parking in long grass because of the risk of fire.
  7. Respect dates and time limitations imposed during the event by the local authorities
  8. Forbid the unauthorised cleaning of motorcycles and transporters.
  9. Educate the riders, teams and the public about environmental issues via the public address system.
  10. As far as is practically possible, request the catering suppliers to use recyclable or biodegradable containers and to be responsible for their own litter.
  11. Act in such a way that after the event only footprints remain and in case of degradation of certain vegetation, replant and sow.
  12. Print this text in the programme.


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