International Competition Licences

Motorcycling Australia, as the sole Australian affiliate of the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM), handles the processing of any licences for any World Championships or any FIM-sanctioned event held in Australia or abroad.

For any such events, riders must be in possession of an FIM Licence and must present the licence and start permission at documentation/ sign on/ scrutineering (wherever applicable).

Download the 2018 FIM Licence application form

For more information on FIM Licences, please download the FAQ: FIM Licences

 Insurance Requirements

All riders who compete in an FIM-sanctioned event must also have insurance cover which meets the minimum FIM standards.

The FIM, in conjunction with the AON Corporation, have developed an insurance policy that meets these requirements, and can be downloaded here:


Download the 2018 FIM AON insurance form here

Australian Riders Competing in New Zealand:

Australian riders competing in New Zealand (part of the Oceania Agreement) must also obtain insurance cover which meets the minimum FIM standards. Click on the following file to download the application form:


2018 FIM AON Insurance form for Australian Competitors riding in New Zealand 


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