Old motorcycles were never designed to sit in the corner of a garage or shed gathering cobwebs and rust. Today, many have been restored to their former glory and are actively competing in Classic Motocross racing. If youve got an old bike youll certainly find a class to suit riders of most ages and machines of almost any vintage in Motocross.

Affected Discipline: MX and SX Classic MX ATV MX Rule Pertains to: Appendix B : MX Yellow Flags

Motorcycling Australia is calling for media interested in attending the 2017 Shannons Insurance Broadford Bike Bonanza to fill out their accreditation forms.

Motorcycling Western Australia brings again an exciting chance for Riders 13-18 years old within Western Australia, to be selected by our Coaching Committee and to attend the 2017

The new Level 2 course for 2017 is now available. To access the course simply click the link below or head to the ASADA eLearning home page and navigate to it from there.

MA's Classic Motocross Commission

Read about the people working behind the scenes on MA's Classic Motocross & Classic Dirt Track Commission to help develop the disciplines in Australia.

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Check out Motorcycling Australia's Virtual Museum, dedicated to the bikes that have contributed to the rich heritage of Australian motorcycle sport.

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2010 HBBB Poll

Which Classic Motocross rider impressed you the most at the 2010 Honda Broadford Bike Bonanza?