Motorcycling Australia Structure

Motorcycling Australia's structure can be summarised by the following (please click on the links for more information):

MA National Council

The MA National Council is responsible for policy development and strategic direction, and is made up of one delegate from each SCB, usually the SCB President. The Council elects 4 Directors to the MA Board, which in turn appoints 2 independent Directors. 

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Board of Directors

The MA Board is responsible for implementing and reviewing the adopted Strategic Plan, governance and appointing suitable people to join Commissions and Committees.

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Commissions and Committees

Commissions are mainly discipline-specific and exist to develop recommendations for the management of a particular area of the sport. They have been established across the spectrum of disciplines in motorcycle sport, including Road Racing, Motocross & Supercross, Speedway, Track, Enduro, Moto Trials, Classic Motocross, Historic Road Racing, Dirt Track, Juniors and Women.

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MA Staff

MA’s National Office is in South Melbourne with a full-time staff. 

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Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM)

Motorcycling Australia is the sole Australian affiliate of the international governing body for motorcycling, the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM), which is based in Geneva, Switzerland. 

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State Controlling Bodies (SCB's)

Motorcycle sport in Australia is administered under the doctrine of 'relevant controlling bodies', whereby the FIM is responsible for international competitions, MA for Australian Championships and series, and the SCB's control state and club competitions. Although each SCB is autonomous and incorporated in its own State, both MA and SCBs have a mutual obligation toward the efficient management of the sport.

MA and the SCBs administer all competitions under common rules and the SCB's have delegated authority to licence competitions, venues and control the sport at State/Territory level.
Together with their organisational roles, MA and SCBs are concerned with the well-being of riders, officials, venue and track standards, risk management, all aspects of safety, the administration of safe, free and fair competition in accordance with the principles of natural justice and the development of the sport in Australia.

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Affiliated Clubs

Clubs are the smallest, but one of the most important units of organistation in our sport. They often provide the face-to-face contact that encourages people to join motorcycle sport. They have also traditionally provided a social aspect which makes our sport, in particular one which attracts people and often keeps them involved for entire lifetimes.

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Competitors are the life-blood of Motorcycling Australia.  Without their involvement and enthusiasm, there would be no sport.

MA has sought to recognise this vital contribution that competitors bring to motorcycling by creating a Member Benefits program that competitors can use to reduce the cost of participating in the sport. By arranging discounts on accommodation, car and truck hire, bike transport, tyres, accessories, protective clothing, etc, we hope to encourage new competitors to join our sport, and older competitors to continue to take part.


Volunteers fulfill the majority of roles and responsibilities in the function of every day motorcycle sport. The many organisations delivering sport and recreation services and the volunteers that create and sustain these organisations make a vital contribution to the needs of the community.

MA and the SCBs conduct courses in Officiating and Coaching and have support services to assist volunteer involvement in motorcycle sport. We would encourage anyone interested in becoming involved in motorcycle sport to contact a club.

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Partners & Supporters

Visit the Partners & Supporters section to find out more information about the Australian Sports Commission (ASC), Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) and out IT partner SportingPulse.

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