Motorcycling is a diverse sport that is made up of several disciplines of competition, each unique in its style. Within each discipline, many different classes of competition also exist. 

Classes of Competition

Closed to Club Competition

A competition confined exclusively to the registered financial members of that club. A club licence or one-meeting licence is a minimum requirement.   

Interclub Competition    

A competition conducted between clubs. The number of clubs will depend upon any special conditions laid down by the SCB prior to granting the permit. A club licence or one-meeting licence is a minimum requirement.

National Competition    

A competition which is open to holders of a current national competition licence. A national licence is required.

International Competition

The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) is the international governing body of motorcycle sport. A competition sanctioned by the FIM is open to riders who are holders of a current FIM international licence. FIM licences may be “annual” or “one event” and you require them when you travel overseas to compete. These licences are issued by MA.

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