The four-wheeled cousin of the motorcycle has found its place in Motorcycle Sport in the form of Quad Racing. Quad Racing is emerging as an exciting discipline where quads of various capacities compete on Enduro loops, Motocross and dirt tracks.

Motorcycling New South Wales (MNSW) is pleased to announce that Junior ATV racing is coming to NSW. Over the past few months, MNSW has embarked upon a process that will bring the S

Affected Discipline: MX and SX Classic MX ATV MX Rule Pertains to: Appendix B : MX Yellow Flags

Affected Disciplines: Motocross and Supercross Enduro and Reliability Trials Dirt Track and Track Minikhana

2011 Australian Quad MX Championships

The 2011 Australian Quad Motocross Championships will be held at Coolum Pines, Queensland from 1-2 October.

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Quad Racing Rules in Australia

Chapter 22 of MA's Manual of Motorcycle Sport contains all the rules governing Quads in Australia.

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Favourite Quad discipline

What is your favourite discipline for Quad Bike racing?