Officials Recognition

As part of Motorcycling Australia’s ongoing efforts to reward and recognise the efforts of those volunteers who put in so much to the sport of motorcycling, we have created a new award relating to Australian Championship events.

For each Australian Championship (or round of an Australian Championship where it is a series), MA will be requesting that the promoter provide an example of outstanding effort on the part of an Official taking part at the event.

Each person who is nominated, will receive a framed certificate from MA, and will have their details put onto this section of the MA website, highlighting their efforts (as well as through the MA e-Newsletter).

For all the efforts of these Officials and all Officials at our events, we say well-done and a big thank you.

Event: Australian Off Road Championship Round 1

Port Macquarie NSW, 13 March 2010

Official: Anne-Marie Bussa
Position: Assistant Race Secretary/Scorer
Nominated By: Denise Hore

Description of Event Performance:

Ann Marie arrived Friday early afternoon, assisted with riders accreditation. During the event she worked tirelessly with the Chief Scorer to ensure results were out in a timely fashion in the scoring tent. At the end of the event she assisted with the presentation.

Anne Marie’s husband Jerry had suffered from an accident on Thursday and broke both wrists, despite this family difficulty she still weekend racing. She also supported her son who was racing.

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