Test Yourself

This is a simple test which will help you make sure you have understood a few of the important facts in this section.

We ask that when you receive your Manual of Motorcycle Sport you read the racing rules and motorcycle specifications appropriate to your discipline. You will also obtain knowledge of the rules and race craft by attending race days. A coach and club members can also assist you.


  • The pass mark for this test is eight out of 10.
  • Answer by circling the response you believe to be correct or writing in the space provided.
  • You should complete this test within 30 minutes.
  • Junior riders may be assisted by a parent or guardian.
  • You may refer to the notes above whilst taking this test.

N.B. Riders who have difficulty reading may take this test verbally.


1. Do you have to be a member of Motorcycling Australia affilited club to obtain a licence?


2. To enter a competition, you need safety clothing and equipment. Circle at least four items of safety clothing and equipment from those listed below.

  • Helmet
  • Sunglasses
  • Boots
  • Thongs
  • Shorts
  • Gloves
  • Sunscreen
  • T-shirt
  • Back protector
  • Visor
  • Racing outfit (protective clothing)

3. Circle at least five items that may be checked on your motorcycle at scrutineering from those listed below.

  • Paintwork
  • Throttle
  • Tyre pressure
  • Brake
  • Fuel
  • Clutch free play and effeciveness
  • Wheel and frame bearings
  • Valve caps
  • Oil
  • Tape on wheel heights
  • Spokes
  • Chain adjustment
  • Speedometer
  • Fluid leaks
  • Handlebar ends
  • Correct numbers

4. Do you have to attend the riders' briefing prior to practice?


5. Which official has the supreme control at a race meeting?

  • Race Secretary
  • Clerk of the Course
  • Track owner
  • Social co-ordinator
  • Steward
  • Gate keeper

6. What does a yellow flag, waved during a race, signify?

  • Immediate danger, slow down, prepare to stop, overtaking forbidden
  • Finish of race
  • Last lap of the event

7. What action should you take when you see a red flag displayed?

  • Ignore the flag and continue racing
  • Return to the pits immediately with the utmost care
  • Pull over to the edge of the track

8. What does a blue flag held staionary mean?

  • The finish of a race
  • The start of a race
  • A warning that you are soon to be overtaken

9. Which of the following types of licence must you possess as a minimum in order to compete at club or inter-club level?

  • International Licence
  • National Licence
  • A Club or One Event Licence

10. For how long does your licence remain valid after you are issued with it?

  • One
  • Three
  • Five

Thanks for taking the time to complete this test. Best of luck with your involvement in motorcycle sport. And finally - donít forget that itís meant to be fun!For more information contact Motorcycling Australia or your State Controlling Body.

Enjoy your motorcycle sport!

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