Entering Competitions

All competitions are conducted according to the Manual of Motorcycle Sport, an annual publication provided to all new licence holders. The manual contains the General Competition Rules and other relevant information on motorcycle sport, which are designed to ensure fair and safe competition for all involved.

Supplementary Regulations and Entry Forms

Supplementary Regulations (Supp Regs) are produced by the club or promoter of an event to explain any additional rules that are relevant to the particular event. It contains an entry form for the event, the amount of entry fee and the date and time of closing of entries.

Supp Regs are usually available four to six weeks prior to an event. Entries must be returned by the stipulated time, and any late entries may not be accepted or a penalty may apply.

A calendar of events is available from your State Controlling Body or Club, and please also refer to MA's National Calendar.

You should also attend club meetings to find out about forthcoming races.

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