Speedway is for any rider daring enough to ride a bike without brakes and hardly any suspension. With experience - and if you’re brave enough - you’ll enjoy the adrenalin rush and explosive action of sliding around a fully fenced oval circuit. Both Solo and Sidecar speedway racing is available.

When Australian Speedway Sidecar Champion Mark Mitchell tells you to 'hang on and just follow me', you better make sure you do it. Even if he promises to go 'half noise'.

Gillman Speedway was once again alive with excitement for the Nankang Tyres Australian Sidecar Championship over the Easter long weekend, with the Qualifier kicking off on Saturday

Taking on the top Speedway Sidecar teams worldwide over back to back nights in what could only be described as an absolute dream run for Victorian duo, Warren Monson/ Andrew Summer

The world’s best will clash at the FIM Speedway Sidecar 1000cc World Cup on Saturday night! Multiple countries will be represented, with the stars of the sport competing for glory

MA Blogs and Q&A

Hear from some of Australia's greatest Speedway riders in Jason Crump and Chris Holder as they speak regularly to MA about life on the Speedway GP circuit.

MA Blogs and Q&A

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Read about the people working behind the scenes on MA's Speedway Commission to help develop the discipline of Speedway in Australia.

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Captain of SWC 2010

Who should captain Australia's 2010 Speedway World Cup Team?