Oceania Agreement

As Australia and New Zealand form the Oceania Union, MA and MNZ riders can compete in events permitted by the other without having to obtain an FIM Licence, when an International Meeting Number (IMN) is not in place. All competitors will require insurance coverage and a valid start permission. Please use the AON Insurance Form for New Zealand and contact Eventsassistant@ma.org.au to organise the start permission. New Zealand is the only country where this applies for MA Licence holders. *Please note that an IMN can come into play once a start permission has been issued, if this is the case the start permission will no longer be valid and the competitor will need to obtain an FIM Licence and new start permission. 

When an International Meeting Number (IMN) is in place, competitors will be required to obtain an FIM Licence and start permission, in addition to insurance. 

For any MA event, New Zealand riders can compete on their MNZ Licence, accompanied with a Start Permission and with the correct insurance. If the event has an International Meeting Number (IMN) the New Zealand competitors will require an FIM licence, start permission and the correct insurance.

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