Venue Licences

It is important that the venues used for race meetings are licensed and permitted well in advance of the scheduled event date.

The onus is on venue operators to ensure the venue meets any environmental, town planning, building, safety or other local government or state government regulations.

Typically, venue licences for Road Racing circuits are issued directly by Motorcycling Australia, while other venue licences are issued by the State Controlling Bodies (SCB's).

Venue Licence Conditions

The Venue Licence shall state any specific licensing conditions which maybe applicable to that venue (i.e. the installation of air fence at Road Racing venues).

A plan of the circuit should be attached to the venue Licence. The plan will show the location and number of track marshals necessary for competition. 

The plan should also show the location of medical facilities and the parking position of first aid / ambulance vehicles if they are required which should be incorporated into your venue maps provided to Media, Officials etc.

Venue Inspectors may conduct a Targeted Risk Assessment if they think something does not comply with the Venue requirements. 

For more information about Venue Licensing, please refer to section 4 of MA's Manual of Motorcycle Sport.

If you wish to run an event at a venue that is not yet licensed, please contact MA to arrange this as soon as possible.





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