Insurance for Officials

As an official at a Motorcycling Australia event, you are covered under the Group & Individual Personal Accident insurance policy.

What are MA Officials specifically covered for?

The Group & Individual Personal Accident insurance policy provides cover for a number of injury benefits and the best way to find out exactly what the schedule of benefits are, click on the link below for cover details.

Remember cover applies to permitted / sanctioned events are for other Club authorised events only.

If you are unsure of any aspect of the cover provided under this policy or any others in place and have any questions to ask, please contact Aon.

  • Jeremy Gray
    • Telephone:   (03) 9211 3226
    • Fax:             (03) 9211 3506
    • Email: 
  • Michelle Rhook
    • Telephone:   (03) 9211 3371
    • Fax:             (03) 9211 3506
    • Email: 

Download the full Group & Individual Personal Accident Policy Schedule of Benefits

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