Commissions & Committees

Motorcycling Australia currently has 10 Commissions and 4 Committees, all of which assist in the management of the sport. They are as follows:

MA Commissions:

MA Committiees:

Commission Roles and Responsibilities

  • To assist in the achievement of the objectives of MA.
  • To encourage growth, development, participation and safety in motorcycle sport throughout Australia.
  • To provide an environment for the orderly and structured consideration and decision making on the specialized aspects of motorcycle sport.
  • To enhance the promotion of motorcycling as a sport.
  • To enhance the status of National Championship competitions.
  • To assist riders selected in teams competing in international competition to achieve international rankings.
  • To assist individual competitors, clubs, promoters, SCBs and other interested parties wherever possible in their specialty of the sport.

Commission Powers

  • To recommend GCR rule changes only after full consultation with the SCBs and relevant State Sporting sub-committees.
  • To deal with matters within their discipline (subject to the overriding control of the Board), in accordance with the Constitution. The Board may refer matters back to the Commissions for reconsideration.
  • To select teams for international competition.

Role of Commission Chairman

The Commission Chairman is responsible for the following items:

  • To liaise with their members in relation to meeting times.
  • To lead the discussions at Commission meetings, and to ensure that all members have a reasonable time to put their point of view.
  • To arrange for one of the members to take minutes of the meeting if the CCM is not taking part in the meeting.
  • To ensure that a copy of these minutes is sent to MA within 72 hours of the meeting.
  • To assist the CCM with the administration of the specific Commission.
  • In the case of a tied decision from the Commission to make a casting vote to resolve the decision.


Commission Reports

As part of MA's efforts to make Reports available to our general publics for viewing, the minutes from previous Commission Meetings are available to view online.

To view the reports from any of these Commissions, click on the link below, read the introductory statement, and feel free to see what our Commissions have been working on!

Commission Reports

MA Commissions:

Road Racing
Derek Rumble
Julie Waters
Tim Hewitt

Motocross & Supercross
Graeme Baynes
Mark Hancock
Bec Lipsett
Melissa Holmes
Shannon Riemann
Andrew Blanchette

Historic Road Racing
John Simms
Rick Johnson
Marcus de Caux

Ivan Golding
Matt Jones
Shane Parker 

AJ Roberts
Don Atkins
Chris Gray

Kevin Zarczynski
Steve Scragg

Dirt Track & Track
Les Thomas
Fiona Ryan
Peter Baker

Bruce Hill
Tom Gardiner
Matthew Thompson

Classic Motocross & Classic Dirt Track
David Tanner
Michael Hughes
Nick Maxfield
Kevin Mortimer

Darryl Knight
Len Pipicello
Martin Stone




MA Committees:

Rod Jenner
Stephen Gall
Paul Caslick

Heritage & Museum
Lindsay Urqhart
Mick Pettifer
Jim Scaysbrook
Rachelle Walkinson

Judicial - Motorcycle Members
Ross Earl
Dale Wyatt
Ralph Freeman

Judicial - Legal Members
Richard Lawson

Rules & Technical Committee
Allan Halley
Garry Lambert
Sandra Palmer
Peter Doyle
Pete Goddard
Lindsay Granger


Contacting Commissions & Committees

If you would like to register feedback for a particular Commission, you can do so by contacting MA Operations Coordinator: Technical & Commissions either via email or by telephone (03) 9684 0512.

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